Custom Moto Jackets

If you have searched and searched the world 10x over for the perfect leather motorcycle jacket and turned up empty-handed, fret no more.  No longer do you have to limit yourself to the selection offered in local shops.  

If you find that our standard inventory sizes are not exact for your needs, our expert tailor is ready to craft you a made-to-order leather motorcycle jacket that is a combination of modern technology with a classic leather jacket look.  Our unparalleled selection of leather, protection, style, and fit ensure a fine jacket crafted to fit you.

The sky is the limit! Choose your color of the world’s finest leather and your design. We can deliver a custom made motorcycle jacket to you within 4-6 weeks, at a price competitive with ready-made.

We can also accommodate jackets with your store's logo and larger orders for riding groups.

Please email us at with your dream jacket details for a quote today!