Meet the Founder - Hedda "H-Bomb" Royce


Dear Fellow Motorcycle Enthusiasts,

H-Bomb here!  Welcome to my favorite hobby --- riding in style.  Here's how it all began...

It was August of 2015, when I purchased my very first motorcycle.  It was thrilling --- Each and every ride was a new adventure and I was excited to purchase a new riding wardrobe that would be affordable, stylish, and protective.  Living in Los Angeles, I couldn't wait to explore all the boutiques and motorcycle shops.  It didn't take long to realize that there was a drought of riding gear out there for us ladies.  I scoured the City of Angels for the perfect leather motorcycle jacket to empower myself as this is a staple of any serious moto babe. Alas, my search turned up empty.  

After chatting with many other riders in our social circle, we found out we were not alone. There is a lack of properly fitted women's gear in the market with appropriate protection.  A market where more and more women are sitting behind the handlebars of their very own 2-wheeled rides. There are other choices ladies and if you are reading this, you have come to the right place.  Anything is possible here at H-Bomb Motorsports.  

Men --- we did not leave you out.  We have re-imagined the men's leather moto jacket as well.  We like our men in fitted, athletic style jackets, not just because they make you look like super heroes, but because a jacket that hugs you keeps the elements out, the protective gear in the right places, and guides you into the perfect riding posture.

Our current profession is in fashion and design.  We work in downtown LA's fashion industry and knew that we needed to design our own brand of motorcycle gear.  We love bringing functional and fashionable products to fruition for men and women in our current niche market.  This is how the "Silhouette Moto Jacket" was born -- A jacket that combines modern technology and safety features, with a classic look.  The jacket that we have engineered is designed with you in mind.

Thank you for visiting our site.  Please feel free to email us at and follow us on Instagram @bikesandbitchesla for information about products, rides, and much more!

Ride Protected,


Hedda “H-Bomb” Royce